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JENRA LE 5 39.4” WAX/PORCELAIN Human hair Dress in silk and silk tulle, hand made butterflies. One fairy is included.
AMERILLA LE 5 36.4” WAX/PORCELAIN Human hair Silk taffeta dress with flowers and top of the dress decorted with flowers. Flowers can always be dfferent than shown. Fine straw hat. Addition: Swanstick( onlyonce, after that music box on a stick)
ALICE IN WONDERLAND LE 4 37,4” WAX/PORCELAIN Human hair Silk taffeta dress and silk tulle cotton blouse Addition: Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Rabbit Mc Twisp by Christin Green
EVELYN LE 5 39.9” WAX/PORCELAIN Human hair Cashmere jacket and silk taffeta dress Addition: mohair bear (music box not included)
FEY ONE OF KIND 31.5” WAX/PORCELAIN Human hair Silk tulle dress with silk flower top Addition: porcleian doll by Ute Marezcek