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Vanilla Sky

Hildegard Gunzel's 2014 Porcelain Doll Collection

Perpetua & Humpty Dumpty

Porcelain  21"  LE  5


Porcelain  41"  LE 7


Porcelain  37"  LE 15

Ginger blond, curled, real hair wig.  Hand blown glass eyes.  Light, fine tule dress with a smocked top and colored edging, trimmed with a waist ribbon  Underwear with a lace braid.  Cinnamon colored silk leggings   Model hat made of wool felt.  Addition: 1 Humpty Dumpty, hurt, "Christine Green"

Black medium length real hair wig with a turban of silk jacquard and bourette silk. Hand blown fawn glass eye.  Precious frock coat of finest silk jacquard material  White cotton mousseline shirt. Loose silk bourette trousers in "Sultan style". Shoes covered in silk jacquard.  Additions: Silk covered pole with a tassel decoration

Blond real human hair wig with braided streaks trimmed with a silk ribbon and butterflies   Hand blown blue-grey glass eyes.   Tender silk dress, hand printed with butterflies  Skirt covered with fine silk tulle decorated with hand painted butterflies and pastel-colored braided silk waist belt.  Silky under dress with tri-colored braid edging.  Silk anklet ribbon with butterfly.  Addition:  Silk flower.


Porcelain  21" sitting  LE  15


Porcelain  31"  LE 15


Porcelain  32"  LE 15


Porcelain  34"  LE 15

Ginger-brown curled real hair wig with silk ribbon.  Hand blown medium green glass eyes.  Fine dress of preciously embroider cotton organza.   With an under dress of habotai silk and a waistband of silk. Silk underpants with organza quilting. Addition: Music box on a stick with a tiny porcelain doll "Ute Mareczel".

Ginger, long curled, real human hair wig with ribbon of silk decoration.  Hand blown blue-green glass eyes.  Dress made of fine silk tulle with silk with so;l quilling edge. so;l waist band and under dress  made of solk taffeta.   Cotton underpants.  Addition: Bouncy Dog "Christine Green": Silk brocade bear "Ingrid Munzinger"

Brunette, long real human hair wig with ribbon of silk brocade. Hand blown blue-green glass eyes.  Two piece dress composed of a top made of precious silk brocade and fine wool knitting.  Wrapped tank top.  Skirt of silk brocade with under dress made of dupion silk and trimmed with wool braid.   Cotton underpants and leather shoes with laces.  Addition: soft toy dog, "Harry", Vera Rocke.

Blond long real human hair wig with tulle ribbon.  Hand blown, light brown glass eyes.  Lavished worked dress of white silk taffeta, dotted silk georgette and a taffeta silk skirt. Underpants of silk taffeta with lace braid.  Leather shoes with laces. Addition:  Tiny shoulder bag of silk taffeta with pearl ribbon

Vanilla Sky

Hildegard Gunzel's 2014 Resin Doll Collection


MERIT:  30.5"  LE 100:  Human hair, brown glass eyes.  Addition: Golden teddy Bear

JENNA:  34" LE 100: Human hair, grey-green glass eyes. Addition: White felt Teddy Bear

PHIL: 30.5" LE 100: Humanhair, light brown glass eyes


 29.5"  LE 100


Nele Baby 14.5" LE 100

Nele 1 Year  25.5"  LE 100


 29.5"  LE 100



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