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Emerald: Goddess of the Forest



Approx. 32" tall, porcelain head, bust and limbs, soft body with armature, very posable. Painted eyes.  Fired numerous times.  Handmade mohair wig. Her garments are made of silk and two-tone silk chiffon embellished with mother of pearl flowers.  Garments are lined and French seamed. Her sandals are handmade of suede.  She wears a leather belt with a quartz buckle. She carries a small knife, suede satchels, and a flute. Her necklace and bracelet are made of cloisonné frogs and leather.  Her head is adorned with a corkscrew hazel crown, silk ribbons and mother of pearl flowers.

She sits on a tree trunk. Her crown represents the trees and it is almost lifeless, it has no leaves but only a few flowers, there are feathers on it but no animal life. The nest she is holding is empty, there are no eggs to continue the circle of life.

She carries a glass flask with magic crystals around her neck and they have the power to replenish life. She tirelessly roams the forest spreading the crystals in hopes of saving the forest and mankind.


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