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The first piece in the exciting new Peter Pan Collection!

"Nana" is the nursemaid of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, hired by their parents to look after their children. A lovable Saint Bernard, Nana was played in the original stage production - and the 1924 silent film adaptation - by an actor in a dog suit. Nana is the first character we encounter in the Peter Pan story and she is also the premiere piece in the R. John Wright Peter Pan series.  Nana is made of the finest wool and alpaca plush and sits approximately 9 1/2 inches tall. Realistically detailed, she has a molded face with delicate airbrushed markings, glass pupil eyes, and inset whiskers. Her neck features a ball & socket joint for expressive posing. Nana's limbs include paw pads and individually-applied nails made of molded and treated felt. Atop her head she wears her dainty nurse's cap made of fine Swiss embroidered lace interwoven with black silk ribbon. No detail has been spared to bring this adorable literary character vividly to life!


Nana is produced in a numbered limited edition of just 250 pieces worldwide. Each will come enclosed in a deluxe presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. N



To mark this year's 100th anniversary of the release of the film, R. John Wright is proud to introduce Charlie Chaplin - brought to life for the first time in the medium of molded felt! Faithfully based on the beloved "Little Tramp" character in the 1918 silent film, A Dog's Life, Charlie stands 17 inches tall and is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, with the RJW wooden ball & socket jointing system. He has a realistic molded felt torso and limbs and hands with individually sewn fingers. The molded felt character face has been finely modeled in a true likeness with delicate hand painted features, and the wig is styled of the finest imported mohair.

Scraps - Chaplin's canine co-star - is made of the finest custom-made mohair/wool plush with airbrushed markings. His neck features a ball & socket joint for expressive posing. Glass pupil eyes, inset whiskers and a molded leather nose add to his appealing realism.

Charlie Chaplin - A Dog's Life is produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Charlie Chaplin & Scraps, which includes the dog, is made in a separate edition of 50 sets.


Winged Monkey

8.5"  LE 150

5 way jointed for posing


Bonnie Blue Butler

8.5"  LE 150

Ball and socket jointed at neck, shoulders and hips. Gone with the Wind Collection



5" seated  LE 100

The enchanting souvenir doll from the Once Upon A Time 2018 R. John Wright Convention which celebrated classic FAIRY TALES."Mustardseed" was one of the little fairies in Williams Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream


Wobern Abbey Bears
11 inches  LE 50 each
The first is a little black bruin named 'Woburn.' He is accompanied by a sweet companion bear named 'Abbey!' Both bears measure just 8 inches tall and are made of the finest Shulte mohair. Five-way jointed, each bear features a molded leather nose, glass eyes, hand-embroidered features and detailed felt paw pads. Woburn sports a Black Watch plaid bow with a traditional brass bell while Abbey has tiny pink silk bows on each ear.

11 inches  LE 250

10 inches  LE 250

The Little Prince
8.5 inches  LE 350

Alice in Wonderland
10  inches  LE 250

Tin Man
18 inches  LE 250

The Apple Blossom Fairies

LE 150  6.5" & 8.5"

Fairy Tale Mice


3"  LE 150


3"  LE 150

Hansel and Gretel

Approx 3"  LE 150

The Little Mermaid

3"  LE 150

Little Red

Riding Hood

Just under 3"  LE 150

Tom Thumb

3"  LE 150

Wizard 0f Oz Mice Series


3" LE 250

Cowardly Lion

3" LE 200


3" LE 200

Tin Man

3" LE 200

The Wizard of Oz

3" LE 200

Wicked Witch

3" LE 200


3" LE 20


2.75"  LE 200

Spring Time Friends

Springtime Lambs Flossie and Blackie

10"  LE 150


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